More and more, people just want to press a button and watch! This is why video has become much more valuable for businesses and their websites. At TrueVine Photography let us help you engage your audience with videos that tell your story. Your clients want to feel connected with you as well as informed about what you do long before they pick up a phone to call. We can help. Give us a call today at 610.428.6469.

Welcome to the journey of Kristi Young, the visionary owner of @yourabundantlifecoach as she embarks on the quest to take her business to soaring heights. In this exclusive promotional video, witness Kristi’s determination to grow not just her practice but also her personal brand and speaking career.
Join Kristi as she collaborates with TrueVine Media, a photography and videography team specializing in crafting compelling marketing videos tailored to elevate businesses like Abundant Life Coaching. Follow along as Kristi shares her aspirations and goals, and witness the meticulous planning of an inspiring marketing video.
Discover the strategic insights and innovative techniques employed by TrueVine Media to capture the essence of Kristi’s vision and communicate it effectively to her target audience. From script development to production, every step is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum impact and resonance.
Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone who craves inspiration, this video offers invaluable insights into the transformative power of strategic marketing. Join us on this journey as we empower Kristi Young to unleash the full potential of Abundant Life Coaching and inspire countless others to pursue their dreams.

This was a long but super fun project! Over 15 visits to the Fulton Steamboat in Lancaster, PA to film the exterior paint restoration by Kalpokas Painting. Damien, owner of Kalpokas Painting wanted the 1st half of the promo to be in black and white, kinda like the beginning of Wizard Of Oz, and then cut to color, with a ragtime theme. We loved the challenge of the project and produced what you see here…. Enjoy!

We shot this promo video over the course of two nights, capturing footage of the Thomas Foundation’s 2021 graduating class ceremony. Wonderful group of Christian Men. For more information on how to become a Timothy Fellow, visit their website at

Jo, of Cowgirl Jo’s Numbers wanted to be able to showcase her personality to her potential clients and fortunately for us we were able to accommodate her. I believe her personality shines through onto the big screen and hopefully her clients can see this as well. Thanks Jo!

We were thrilled to learn about their growth and opportunities for their local community. Please contact Heather Grayberg @610.455.4300 or visit

Here’s our latest completed video project for Dr. Tony Miller of Life Potential Chiropractic. Call today for more information on how we can help you tell your story through video! 610.428.6469

Ryan Bonner, owner of Bonner Landscaping asked us to provide his company with a video, highlighting the details of their transformation for their clients’ outdoor patio.

John Erisman of Doceo delivers their state of the art copier, I.T. and shredder to the Trudy Grove agency, who is very excited to become a new Doceo client.

David Attarian proprietary owner of Roof Maxx and Roof Shampoo wanted to provide his potential customers with a quick look at what Roof Maxx/Roof Shampoo can do for your home. It’s the third the cost of a new roof and it can add up to five additional years to the existing roof. Plus it will look fantastic when it’s done! See for yourself. You can reach Dave at 484.787.6688 for more information.

We’re so proud that Rouse Chamberlin Homes chooses TrueVine Photography as their “go-to” photographer for all of their Quick Delivery and New Home Model photography. Matterport 3D is their service of choice…

Linda’s Care is a non-medical homecare service located in Jekintown, Pennsylvania. They provide in-home services to seniors and to those who are physically challenged recovering from illness, surgery or suffering from chronic illnesses. Call Them Today at 215-383-5494

Please watch our latest promo video for Amie Howes, owner of Grand Masterpiece Design. Grand Masterpiece Design is a residential/commercial design company that takes the stress, anxiety, and needless arguments out of what a home project can create. Their
clients love how they take the pain out of making decisions and even make it fun. They work quickly and efficiently to help projects reach completion and bring into reality what was once a dream or vision. Give Amie a call at 717.471.6891

Rouse Chamberlin partners with Truevine Photography! Since this video aired in June of 2019, we’ve had the pleasure of photographing and producing all of Rouse Chamberlin’s Quick Delivery and Model homes. They’ve been a huge partner for us and we look forward to adding our Matterport 3D to their services.

This is my chiropractor, Dr. Sonja Powers! Shooting her was a great pleasure, we had so much fun! Watching her tell her truth was an awesome experience. If anyone is looking for a chiropractor, please go see her, she’s helped me through a great number of injuries. Her new practice is Lifestyle Chiropractic 484.693.0226

Here’s a great example of our Real Estate Videography! Eve Marberger of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Exton, PA provided us the opportunity to capture this wonderful home. Take a look at what we can potentially do for you! I loved the aerial footage on this!